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“Grown up with Famous Brands”


Together with great pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies there is Betafarma.


From 1971, when Betafarma was born as a Research Laboratory, known for his international-experienced chemist’s ability, until today when it is consecrated as an International Company, Betafarma gained the confidence of its clients. That confidence encouraged Betafarma through years to develop its activities and to become third parties producer too. Today Betafarma research and invents its own patents, manufactures products for Italian and foreign companies of many types.
Always careful to the market changes, Betafarma stands out for its innovations to face new challenges.


The wish of new and the accuracy.


Characteristics distinguishing all activities completed in the Company are:

  • qualified staff in each company areas;
  • adoption and respect of European and International standards;
  • strict selection of suppliers and choice of new raw materials with particular curiosity towards the new;
  • vanguards machineries for production and manufacturing;
  • marketing services giving professional advice of product positioning, packaging and graphical format.

The internal regulatory services offer a complete advice to produce the required Italian and international legislative documentation.


Betafarma  in the World  



Betafarma is a company who had an important development in the years thanks to the close and productive cooperation with its customers. Betafarma, born in research, develops and produces for third parties dermocosmetic and hygienic products, medical devices, PMI and oral hygiene.

Where We Are

Via E. de Nicola,10
20090 Cesano Boscone (MI)

Unit 2
Via Magellano, 5/e
20090 Cesano Boscone (MI)


Phone +39 02 48602189
Fax +39 02 45869864
E-mail: info@betafarma.it