To everyone his product. And in the most similar version.

The different typologies of products are planned and realized according to each client’ specific demands to satisfy every requirement of personalization.


Oral hygiene Dermocosmetics and hygiene Medical devices and pmc


Betafarma is also authorized to produce alcoholic products – Utf license


Betafarma is a company who had an important development in the years thanks to the close and productive cooperation with its customers. Betafarma, born in research, develops and produces for third parties dermocosmetic and hygienic products, medical devices, PMI and oral hygiene.

Where We Are

Via E. de Nicola,10
20090 Cesano Boscone (MI)

Unit 2
Via Magellano, 5/e
20090 Cesano Boscone (MI)


Phone +39 02 48602189
Fax +39 02 45869864