Leading OEM/ODM company specialized in research, development and manufacture of Cosmetics,
Oral Care products and Medical Devices

Successful formulations since 1971

Our Company

BETAFARMA S.p.A. provides a complete and tailored OEM/ODM service starting from an internal R&D Laboratory with proven experience in Research and Formulation.

The company formulates, develops, manufactures and packages:

Oral Hygiene products
Face and Body Dermocosmetics
Substance-based Medical Devices
Surgical Medical Devices

OEM/ODM Services

BETAFARMA develops Toohtpastes, Mouthwashes and Denture Pastes, together with Face/Body Creams, Serums, Lotions, Gels, Oils, Butters and any other types of cosmetics clients may look for

Our Products

Great attention is dedicated to the identification of the best raw materials, coming exclusively from controlled supply chains and certified suppliers. The company has always set the research and productions with a special focus on differentiation,
to better and promptly meet the needs of very different markets.

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