OEM/ODM Service

Betafarma S.p.A. provides a tailored OEM/ODM full-service
from the conception to formulation, production and packaging of cosmetics.

Thanks to the sensitive and attentive advisory of our laboratory technicians and scientific marketing experts, we are used to listening proactively to customer requests, to quickly translate them into concrete and innovative proposals.
We deal with:  

Conception and study of the product, by identifying the most suitable ingredients, active principles and functionalities to respond to the client's needs;

Development of the formula in our laboratories and creation of prototypes and samples;

Design of the graphics thanks to the collaboration with graphic studios with proven experience;

Selection of packaging, through the proposal of the best materials and most suitable formats to enhance the characteristics of the product, ensuring at the same time its stability;

Execution of trials and stability tests;

Technical-regulatory support for the creation of claims and during the product registration;

Accurate editing of the official documentation (Product Information File) of each product.

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