Raw Materials Treatment

All Raw Materials enter the production cycle only after accurate quantitative and qualitative checks, carried out by third-party analysis centers, by the internal laboratory and by the production department, inside special weighing rooms equipped with powerful suction and air filtering systems.
Great attention is paid to the Treatment of Water:
using a sophisticated two-stage reverse osmosis system; every hour 3500 liters of water are completely deionized and microbiologically purified to obtain a level of purity in compliance with USP standards.

Bulk Production

A complete range of 8—50 to 6000 liters capacity Turbo-emulsifiers, two of which are located in dedicated areas suited to the processing of alcohol solutions, operate under-vacuum with constant sensors and weigh cells control.
3 mixers up to 10,000 liters complete the production output for a total of 20,000 kg of emulsions and 25,000 kg of liquids per work shift.

Filling Department

A wide range of 25 Filling Machines for every type of material and size of:

10 Tube-filling machines for in alluminum/plastic/polyfoil Tubesfrom 5 to 300 ml
10 Fillers for Bottles from 20 to 5000 ml
3 Fillers for Jars from 15 to 400 ml
1 Filler for 5g Sticks
1 Filler for Microbottles from 5 to 10 ml

Filling capacity: 275,000 pieces of finished product per work shift.

Packaging Department

The Packaging departments are equipped with highly automated lines, designed for maximum work flexibility and recently completed by a fully automated filling/packaging line with an output of 4800 pieces/hour.
The line is completed by Labeling, Sleeving, Cellophane Wrapping, Batch Coding and Palletizer machines.

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